KMG - Force Testers for Doors and Gates
  • KMG-Lite Datasheet
  • Quick Reference Guide (German)
  • Force Measurement Guide
  • KMG-Lite Operating manual
  • KMG-Lite APP
  • KMG-2000-G Datasheet
  • KMG-2000-G Operating Manual
  • KMG-Software VD2005 Short Manual
  • KMG-Software VD2005 Additional Manual: PC Interface configuration
  • KMG-Software VD2005 V5.10.1 including USB-Driver
    Windows 7 compatible full version of the KMG-PC-Software. This package includes a USB-Driver,
    which is required for communication with KMG-2000-G – Devices.
  • Accuracy of force measuring devices – requirements and practice
    Fact sheet on the accuracy of force measurement according to EN 12445. (German)

Available under Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000/XP, Vista und Windows 7; PC-Card Manager for the OmniDrive Product Series. The PC Card Manager is a Windows tool that allows the easy and professional handling of SRAM, Linear Flash and ATA PC Cards. It is included with the shipment of the OmniDrive Product Series. GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH 3 METRAHIT„nEXTRA„nETECH„nESPECIAL„nEBASE TRMS Digital Multimeters Specifications 1) Specified accuracy is valid as of 3% of the measuring range. With short-circuited test probes: residual value of 1 to 30 d at zero point due to the TRMS converter (exception: mV AC range, 60 counts). See frequency influence on page 4. Welcome to our Support Division! GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH offers you comprehensive service and advice even after purchase of the product. Specially trained experts give you support on.

Gmc-i Messtechnik Driver Download For Windows 10

Force and Pressure Measurement System CoboSafe

HEATDEC - Automated and contacless measurement of body temperature

GMG - Sliding Friction TestersMesstechnik
  • GMG-200 Datasheet
  • GMG-200 Operating Manual
  • Guidelines for professional associations (German)
  • Leaflet of the german statutory accident insurance about slip danger (German)

FST/WST - Door/Gate Control Units

Gmc-i Messtechnik Driver Download For Windows 7

  • FST-75/150 brochure
  • FST-75/150 Operating Manual
  • WST-18 brochure
  • WST-18 Operating Manual

NxV - Emergency Power Supplies For Elevators
  • Emergency Power Supply NxV II – Installation and Operating Manual (German)

WindowsADICOS - Advanced Discovery System
  • For detailed information about the ADICOS advanced fire detection system, please visit

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