Napco Security Technologies: A History of Security Innovation

Since 1969, NAPCO has enjoyed a heritage and proven record in the professional security community for reliably delivering both advanced technology and high quality security solutions, building many of the industry's best-known brands, such as NAPCO Security Systems, Alarm Lock, Continental Access and now including Marks USA, and the Group's most popular product lines: including Gemini and new F64-Series hardwire/wireless intrusion systems, iSee Video internet video solutions, Trilogy standalone electronic PIN/Prox access locks, CardAccess enterprise class integrated access & security systems, and Marks USA's i-Que lock and Hi-Security cylinder lines. Today, millions of businesses, institutions, homes, and people around the globe are protected by products from the NAPCO Group of Companies.

Continental Access Introduces E-Access Embedded Platform

Continental Access, a division of NAPCO Security Technologies and respected security innovator and pioneer in integrated access and security solutions for government, institutions and business, is excited to announce the debut of the all-new E-Access platform...
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LifeSaver Life-Safety Locks Ensure a Lifetime of Patient Safety for Your Facility or Institution

Marks USA, a division of NAPCO Security Technologies, is pleased to announce that its new anti-ligature slide models are gaining popularity. New to the LifeSaver series, the 5-Point Ligature-Resistant Slide Behavioral...
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Stephen Spinelli Joins NAPCO as Senior Vice President of Sales

NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Stephen Spinelli as NAPCO Senior Vice President of Sales, for all its corporate divisions – NAPCO Security, Alarm Lock, Marks USA & Continental Access. Spinelli comes to NAPCO with a long, successful...

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Automatically update the information in your DisplayKEY and send data to the Supra network by daily placing it on a cradle that also serves as your battery charger. The DisplayKEY cradle connects to the Supra network through a phone line or through a USB cable connected to your computer. Supra provides a cutting edge electronic lockbox system to the real estate industry. Showing alerts, mobile productivity tools, and listing activity reports are advantages of the Supra system that create sales opportunities for real estate agents. Monitor B 0150-0229D GE Security DVMRe StoreSafe. Page 76: Configuration And Status Configuration and status data can be read from written to. For details about the contents of StoreSafe. The data is arranged in the form of 16 each block, contact GE-Security.

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From protecting government agencies to multinational corporations to mid-sized retail shops, today’s commercial access control systems—like the ones provided by Interlogix—utilize the latest technology to effectively and conveniently secure people and property.

Originally designed to focus on individuals within four walls, access control is now incorporating new ways to protect people wherever they are, as well as respond to the growing need for users to have real-time access to their systems through smart devices.

That’s why connected access control products are heading to the cloud with platforms accessible and remotely controlled through a computer web browser or mobile phone app.

The ultimate goal is to create a mobile ecosystem, complete with a cloud-based service, smartphone app and Bluetooth readers. Credentials are activated by email and the smartphone app detects the readers when nearby while the access control system authorizes or denies entry based on current access rights. Many existing readers can also be upgraded to provide Bluetooth capability.

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Smartphones reduce the need for employee access cards, diminishing the cost and security concerns that go along with plastic badges. They also provide an added layer of identification when device PIN codes or biometric verification are enabled.

And, rather than use a dedicated badging station equipped with a computer, camera and card printer, a credentials module allows administrators to onboard a new employee, take their photo and issue a mobile credential to their phone – all from a tablet while being out of their office.

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Many of today’s access controls systems offer a modular design. This gives business owners the opportunity to create a custom solution or start with a simple product, then cost-effectively add capacity and functionality as their needs change. The results can range from a single standalone intrusion panel to a fully networked security system spanning hundreds of locations.

And these are just the products that are available today. The future of access control will continue to bring new and innovative thinking for protecting valuable assets. As a leader in the security industry, Interlogix is constantly creating intelligent, connected access control products that can be used as best-in-class solutions or to unify comprehensive security management systems.

With some of the most-trusted product names in the industry—such as TruPortal, TruVision and UltraSync—and backed by ongoing partner services and support, Interlogix is the best choice for intrusion, video, transmission and access solutions for commercial applications.

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Check out the newest access control systems from Interlogix for enhanced convenience, safety and security.

Ge Security Supra Port Devices Driver Download Windows 7

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