Note that the Mesa OpenGL driver may be required by older operating systems and is a required component for the GCS interface. If major elements of the GCS user interface fail to display, re-installation with selection of the Mesa OpenGL driver may help. You can specify where to install LibrePilot GCS in the Choose Install Location dialog box. Driver Download Detail. Type: PCL Print Driver 64bit Version: Release date: File name: fxdc43065pcl6180510wxp6ien.exe File size: 16213 KB Products: ApeosPort-IV 3065, DocuCentre-IV 2060, ApeosPort-IV 2060, ApeosPort-IV 3060, DocuCentre-IV 3060, DocuCentre-IV 3065.

ArduPilot can be used with many different ground stations.


Developers typically use a desktop GCS, as these tend to provide deeper access to vehicle setup parameters and advanced debugging features.If you just want to fly you may instead choose to use a GCS running on a mobile OS (iOS, Android).

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Gcs Drivers Ed


Installation links for some of the more popular GCS systems are provided below:

Gcp Storage Driver

  • Mission Planner (Windows): Install Mission Planner

  • QGroundControl (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS):

  • APM Planner 2 (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux): Install APM Planner 2