IMPORTANT: If you are obtaining a driving record as a clearance letter for another state/country, bar exam or court use you must purchase a five-year certified record and the three-year record can’t be used for these types of circumstances. The five-year record is not available to purchase using this on-line website.

The complete five-year record contains all of the driver's personal information such as address, sex, date of birth and social security number. The five-year record is not available to the general public, but it is available to the individual driver for a $3.00 fee. Individual drivers who want to purchase a copy of their five-year record must contact their closest Driver Licensing Field Office.

This website allows anyone to request a three-year Driving History Record (DHR) for Kentucky drivers. Driver status, license expiration, driving restrictions, and traffic violations will be contained on the record. A three-year DHR is a public record in accordance with KRS 186.018. A Kentucky three-year DHR does not contain accident information or any of the driver's personal information such as address, sex, date of birth and social security number. The cost of a Kentucky Driving History Record is $3.00 per record request.

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By using this website there is an additional electronic access fee of $2.50 per record to obtain a Kentucky Driving History Record. The $2.50 fee is a user assessed convenience fee that will help cover the cost of development and enhancements associated with the re-design of the e-Government Web Portal and additional online services offered by the Commonwealth.

For each order, history records can be requested for up to 50 drivers. A three-year DHR will normally be available for viewing and printing within minutes of making the request. An order confirmation will be emailed to the email address you specified as part of your registration to use the online service. The DHR’s you request will be available for 14 days. Either printing or saving a copy of the PDF version will be necessary if the record is needed for a longer period of time.

To request a record, enter the driver’s first and last names as they appear on the license and the driver’s license number in the boxes provided. For example, James O’Neil Jr would appear with James as the first name and O’Neil Jr as the last name. The license number is made up of 9 characters, 1 letter followed by 8 numbers.

Read the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act

A valid credit/debit card will be needed to complete the transaction. It is important that you provide and verify your email address, your credit/debit card information, the drivers' names and license numbers being requested. You will be charged for all records requested regardless of whether the record is found or the returned record is the one you meant to request.

By clicking the Starting Request link/graphic, you are agreeing to the terms described on this page.

You must have a account to use this system. Start Request to login or create a new account. After login or new registration you will have access to the online system.

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