This Hitron Technologies CGN router includes a basic firewall. This firewall is what helps to protect your home network from unwanted access from the Internet. Since a firewalls job is to block incoming connections you might need to open a port through the firewall for certain games and applications. This process of opening a port is more commonly referred to as a port forward.

The basic process to port forward the Hitron Technologies CGN router is:

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  1. Setup a static IP address on the device you plan on forwarding these ports to.
  2. Login to your Hitron Technologies CGN router.
  3. Navigate to the port forwarding section.
    • Click the Firewall link.
    • Click on Forwarding.
    • Click the Add button.
  4. Create a port forward entry.

These steps might seem difficult at first, but don't worry, we will walk you through each step in the process.

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Step 1

It is important to setup a static ip address in the device that you are forwarding a port to. This ensures that your ports will remain open even after your device reboots.

  • Recommended - Our free program will setup a static IP address for you.
    • → Download Network Utilities today!
  • Or follow our Static IP Address guides to setup a static IP address.

After setting up a static ip address on your devices you need to login to your router.

Step 2

This step is logging into the Hitron Technologies CGN router. To do this you need to know the router uses a web interface which means you need to login to the router using a web browser. It doesn't matter what browser you use, just pick your favorite. Some common web browsers include Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

After opening up the web browser you need to find the address bar. This is normally at the top of the page like this:

The address bar is running along the top of the page in the image above. Just replace what is in the address bar with the IP Address of the Hitron Technologies CGN router. Remember the router IP address is also sometimes called the computer's default gateway.

By default the Hitron Technologies CGN IP address is:

After you have input the IP Address of your router you can simply press the Enter key. You should then see the Login screen:

If you see two boxes asking for your username and password you are on the correct page.

  • The Default Hitron Technologies CGN Router Username is: cusadmin
  • The Default Hitron Technologies CGN Router Password is: password

Go ahead and enter the username and password. Then click the big blue LOGIN button to access your Hitron Technologies CGN router.

Hitron Technologies Usernames and Passwords

If you can't login to the router it might be your using the wrong username and password. We recommend trying other Hitron Technologies usernames and passwords. Check them out here on this Default Hitron Technologies Router Passwords page.

If you still can't login to the Hitron Technologies CGN router it may be that you have changed the username and password in the past and have forgotten. It may be time to start considering a router reset to put those values back to default. Learn more in our How to Reset a Router Password guide.

Step 3

Drivers Hitron Network & Wireless Cards 2020


It is time to find the port forwarding section of the router. To do that you need to start on the following page of the router:

Drivers Hitron Network & Wireless Cards Software

First, select the Firewall option in the left sidebar.

This changes the dark blue tabs at the top of the page. Click the tab labeled Forwarding.

You should now see the page shown above. Click the Add button that is approximately in the middle of the page.

Step 4

Here are the ports to forward for Xbox Live:

TCP Ports:3074
UDP Ports:3074

If you are looking for the ports for a different application you can find it by either:

  • Browsing our List of Games
  • Check out our our List of Games by Genre
  • See our List of all Applications

Enter the name of the program into the Application Name box. It doesn't really matter what you put into this box, but something that will remind you why these ports are being forwarded is be a good idea.

The protocol that you want to forward is selected from the Protocol box.

If you are forwarding a range of ports, enter the lowest number of that range into the left hand Public Port Range and Private Port Range boxes. Then enter the highest number of that range into the right hand Public Port Range and Private Port Range boxes.

If you are forwarding a single port, enter that port number into both of the Public Port Range and both of the Private Port Range boxes.

You need to enter the IP address that you are forwarding ports to in the IP Address box. It's possible for this to be either the IP address of your computer or any other IP address on your network that you want ports forwarded to.

When you are finished, click the Apply button.

Don't forget to click the Apply button after you complete each entry.

Time to Test the Ports

After you have finished forwarding the ports on the Hitron Technologies CGN router you need to test to see if they were forwarded correctly.

To test if your ports were opened correctly we recommend using our Network Utilities tool. This tool includes a free Open Port Checker. This open port checker is the only one online that has Guaranteed Results.

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