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CFLUX-1 Automated Soil CO2 Flux System
Soil Respiration in a Temperate AgroecosystemApplication Note
Soil Carbon Fluxes and Estimation of Carbon BalanceApplication Note
CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System
Evaluating Physiological Responses of Viburnum Species to Salinity StressApplication Note
Seed respiration measurements with the CIRAS-3 using the Insect Respiration Chamber NEW!Application Note
Measuring Insect Respiration with CIRAS-3Application Note
Using An External CO2 Source with CIRAS-3Application Note
Using the CIRAS-3 as a stand-alone CO2/H2O IRGA or with external chambers NEW!Application Note
Measuring Avocado Responses to Environmental Stresses in South FloridaApplication Note
Light Spectrum Affects Maximum Rate of Carboxylation & Electron TransportApplication Note
Single Leaf Gas Exchange with Arabidopsis thalianaApplication Note
Tests of Effects of CO2 Ramping Rate on A vs. Ci with CIRAS-3Application Note
Some Considerations When Determining Leaf Gas Exchange Responses to Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)Application Note
High-Speed CO2 Ramping Technique Rapid A/Ci Curves in MinutesApplication Note
Measuring Mesophyll Conductance During Photosynthesis in C3 PlantsApplication Note
Physiology and vascular anatomy of different avocado genotypes relative to laurel wilt susceptibilityApplication Note
Controlling humidity above ambient with the CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis SystemApplication Note
CIRAS-2 Portable Photosynthesis System
Measurement of Circadian Gas Exchange Dynamics in Arabidopsis thalianaApplication Note
Measurement of photosynthetic performance in crop plants under South African climatic conditionsApplication Note
“Green” scientific investigation helps to inform intelligent Green Roof designApplication Note
Projected leaf area and flow rate – options and observed effects on gas exchange measurements with CIRAS-2Application Note
CIRAS-2 Export function-simplified data format with numerical and graphical data viewsApplication Note
CIRAS-2 Water Vapor ResponseApplication Note
Boundary-Layer Resistance for Different Leaf CuvettesApplication Note
CIRAS-2 RecalibrationApplication Note
CIRAS-SC CO2/H2O Absolute Gas Analyzer
Profiling System in AmazoniaApplication Note
Monitoring greenhouse gas emissions from hydroelectric reservoirs in Northern Quebec, CanadaApplication Note
EGM-5 CO2 Gas Analyzer
Measuring the Impact of Extinct Megafauna on Carbon Fluxes in Ponderosa Pine ForestsApplication Note
Measuring CO2 Efflux From Sedimentary RocksApplication Note
Small Volume Sampling with the EGM-5Application Note
Measuring-Soil CO2 Efflux from Ant Nests in the Brazilian RainforestApplication Note
EGM-4 Environmental Gas Monitor
Logging Setup for EGM-4 Using iOS and Android Mobile ApplicationsApplication Note
Monitoring greenhouse gas emissions from hydroelectric reservoirs in Northern Quebec, CanadaApplication Note
Static sampling using EGM-4 and Sample Injector KitApplication Note
Soil CO2 Efflux in Northern MongoliaApplication Note
SBA-5 CO2 Gas Analyzer
Investigating Crop Responses to Atmospheric Change (SoyFACE)Application Note
Studying Volcanic Activity Using Drones and Sensors to Accurately and Precisely Predict Volcanic Explosive EruptionsApplication Note
Monitoring CO2 In a Chicago HospitalApplication Note
TARGAS-1 Portable Photosynthesis System
Small Volume Sampling with TARGAS-1Application Note
Using An External CO2 Source with TARGAS-1Application Note
UniSpec-SC Spectral Analysis System
Measurement of Leaf/Canopy Level Reflectance with The UniSpec-SCApplication Note
Quantifying Chlorophyll in Leaves Using a Non-destructive MethodApplication Note
Monitoring Ecosystem optical properties with the UniSpec-SCApplication Note
UniSpec-DC Spectral Analysis System
Accessories for Measurement of Canopy/Vegetation ReflectanceApplication Note
Analyzing Biomass Dynamics and Changes in Species CompositionApplication Note
Measurement of Canopy/Vegetation Reflectance with the UniSpec-DCApplication Note
Spatial and Temporal Sampling of Ecosystem Optical PropertiesApplication Note
A Remote Automated System based on the UniSpec-DC Equipped with a Wireless SystemApplication Note
Estimation of stand productivity from multi-angular optical remote sensingApplication Note

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