Download Flexocard DriverAC Power MUST be connected for the required steps to update a BIOS:

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Flex Card Corp

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  • Download and save the BIOS .zip file.
  • Check the properties of the downloaded file to un-tick any 'blocked' messages.

  • Next please ensure you extract the .zip file to a new folder.
Flex software downloadThere are two update options, one for the BIOS and one for the BIOS + Intel Mangement Engine Firmware.
1. Regular BIOS Update (Recommended)

Download Flex Card Driver Updater

  • Locate and run the version named application file. 'TMB713.exe' for example with a grey and green icon.
  • Accept the prompts to restart and begin the update. Once completed your laptop will turn off, and will need to be manually turned back on. Please allow 1-2 minutes for it to start by itself after you press the button.

Download Flex Card Driver Software

2. BIOS + ME Firmware (Only suggested when needed)

Download Flexocard Driver Printer

  • Run the 'WMeset' application file to correctly prepare your laptop for the update after it restarts for you.

  • Right click and open the properties for the 'FPTW64' file, and ensure under the 'Compatibility' tab that it's ticked to 'Run this as administrator'.

  • Run the 'FlashMEWinX64' batch file by simply double clicking it.

  • The final stage will follow as listed above from the 'Regular BIOS Update' steps.