EZW approached Pulsonix because they had learned about its re-engineering capability and wanted to evaluate how the software supported the planned process. During meetings, some of which were accompanied by Bob Williams, co-founder and Technical Director of WestDev Ltd., a specification sheet was created to identify new and customisation of existing features required for the DB process.

After extensive testing of the Pulsonix product range, Zeiss Group decided to swap EDA products corporately to Pulsonix. This decision was made for all Zeiss Group offices world-wide and has led to their central server in Germany servicing offices as far afield as the UK and China. Working closely with Westdev Ltd, the writers of Pulsonix and the local German distributor, Peschges Variometer, Zeiss were able to get new features specific to their working practices and processes incorporated into the product. This close working relationship and cooperation has been paramount to the success of the adoption of Pulsonix within Zeiss.

Crowcon selects Pulsonix ahead of Cadstar and OrCAD.

Durr Vietnam Co., Ltd. 700000 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Room LA.02-04, 2nd Floor, Block A, Lexington Residence Building, No. 67 Mai Chi Tho Street, An Phu Ward, District 2 700000 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. Duerr Dental Global Gmbh 109 followers on LinkedIn. Duerr Dental designs, builds and supplies capital equipment to the Dental market around the world since 1941. One of our main areas of focus.

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Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd is part of the Halma Group, one of the most successful companies to be quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Crowcon was founded in 1970, and over the past 30 years they have built a reputation for providing world-class gas and fire detection solutions.

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TridonicAtco develops, manufactures and markets components for innovative lighting solutions. The company boasts annual sales in excess of 300 million Euros and employs around 1,750 people worldwide. The TridonicAtco GmbH & Co. KG head-office is based in Dornbirn, Austria and is also the central design centre for innovative equipment and systems for intelligent lighting solutions.

The implementation of challenges in pioneering solutions characterises Hoffmann + Krippner since the company's founding in 1972. From a technical screen printing technology and further processing of conductive materials on films, the company has grown into a leading provider of intelligent control units with integrated electronics.

Eschmann Equipment is the trading name of Eschmann Holdings Ltd: a leading manufacturer of medical equipment in the area of operating tables, electrosurgery units, surgical suction units, bench top autoclaves and surgery trolleys. Originally established in 1830 Eschmann is registered to ISO 9001 standard for Quality, and exports to over 100 countries world-wide.

Oxford NanoLabs was originally part of the University of Oxford and was spun out as a new start-up company in June 2005. This organisation mainly develops medical products focusing on the emerging technology of DNA sequencing. They are now housed in state-of-the art facilities at a University Science Park on the outskirts of Oxford, UK.

The service office MR-CAD was founded in 1995. Owner Mr Mathias Rullmann offers his customers everything from Schematic and PCB-Layout to prototype boards and even tool building. MR-CAD is located in the south of Germany in Sengenthal near Neumarkt i. d. Operpfalz between Nürnberg and Regensburg. Mr Rullmann's clientele runs from Austria to Frankfurt in Germany.

For over 30 years, Copernica has been providing products and services to the Automotive, F1 Motorsport, Instrumentation, Medical,Telecoms and Defence industries.

Copernica visioned moving from a 2D drafting system to an intelligent 'electronics' based system to simplify the task of creating hybrid designs.The move was to make designing hybrids more intuitive and more meaningful, especially where electrical characteristics between a Schematic and PCB were required.The existing system couldn't offer this level of design coexistence and intelligent system integrity.

After an extensive investigation to find a possible alternative, the Pulsonix product was introduced to Dürr Dental. This offered an immediate advantage in that all the data from the former system. Libraries, Schematic designs and PCB layouts could be converted to a Pulsonix readable format.

Also, both the initial purchase prices and ongoing support costs were immediately attractive. However, in exercising caution Dürr Dental purchased an initial license to both thoroughly test the software and gauge the quality of after sales service and customer care. After 6 months, all users were confident that Pulsonix could be introduced throughout the organisation to completely replace the Mentor systems. In particular the users were surprised and impressed by the policy of fast response to customer queries by the support team at Pulsonix.

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Founded in 1941 as a precision workshop, Dürr Dental AG has grown into a medical engineering company of international renown. Many standards found in modern dentist’s offices stem from the company’s developments.

Dürr Dental AG has been relying on PRO.FILE for its CAD data management in research and development since 2006. Moreover, the company uses PRO.FILE as a certified archiving system for all of its commercial documents to keep complete audit trails.

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Dürr Dental employs PROOM to centralize its project communications and standardize the exchange of data with development partners. PROOM is seamlessly integrated with PRO.FILE and with its virtual project rooms provides a secure means of exchanging technical documents across different systems and companies.

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With PROOM, we get a single platform for all project teams and all of their different members. We are able to track and log every access to a file and any changes to a document.