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Notice that the Cypress npm package is a wrapper around the Cypress binary. The version of the npm package determines the version of the binary downloaded. As of version 3.0, the binary is downloaded to a global cache directory to be used across projects. Best Practice The recommended approach is to install Cypress with npm because. Cypress is versioned like any other dependency. The Windows Driver Kit (WDK) Version 7.1.0 is an update to the WDK 7.0.0 release and contains the tools, code samples, documentation, compilers, headers and libraries with which software developers create drivers for Windows 7, Windows Vista. Cypress is the new standard in front-end testing that every developer and QA engineer needs. Developer-friendly Cypress has been made specifically for developers and QA engineers.

CD-ROM Drivers

Insert the installation CD into your CD ROM drive and run the program 'setup.exe' by going to the start menu and running Setup.exe on the CD root directory. For first time users, Cypress recommends accepting the default option at each stage of the Setup. The Autoexec.bat & Config.sys files and drivers can be copied and used to start your system, Or in the case of Windows 95/98, To start your CD-ROM to install Windows. Microsoft MSCDEX Extensions Version 2.23 (30Kb Download) The following Pages may provide additional help: The CD-ROM Drivers Guide A Guide to CD-ROM driver resources on the.

MS-DOS and Windows 3.x
(CD-ROM's for Windows are installed via MS-DOS but may have a Windows Setup available)

In order to use a CD-ROM Drive, your computer must first have a CD-ROM software driver installed. This is usually supplied with the drive but may not necessarily have been installed. The CD-ROM software driver is normally supplied on a floppy disk and includes a SETUP or INSTALL program. Following installation, the CD-ROM software driver is normally loaded at system startup time via a series of entries in the machine's C:CONFIG.SYS & C:AUTOEXEC.BAT files.
For example:


DEVICEHIGH=C:DOSoakcdrom.sys /D:mscd001


LH C:DOSMSCDEX.EXE /D:mscd001 /l:D

The first /D: switch is the drive number, which must be the same in both config.sys and autoexec.bat. In the above example its '/D:mscd001'. (If you had 2 drives fitted the second may be /D:mscd002) The /l:D switch sets a drive letter for your CD-ROM. (In this case DriveD:) You can make this anything you want after your Hard Drives that is not taken, but make sure you put a 'LASTDRIVE=' line at the end of config.sys to allow for enough environmental space. This can be made as the letter after your last drive in use (i.e. =F) as each letter used, uses a small piece of available environment. (LASTDRIVE=Z would enable ALL available Drive Letters) In this example HIMEM.SYS is used to load driver into upper memory block.


oakcdrom.sys = CD-ROM Driver (Which is named differently by each manufacturer) and can be located in its own directory.

MSCDEX.EXE is provided as part of MS-DOS and sometimes on Install Disk as well.

HIMEM.SYS is provided as part of MS-DOS and enables use of the upper memory area.

Windows 95

Windows 95 does not need a CD-ROM Driver installed as above, as it installs its own driver. However you may want to install a DOS Driver in this way to enable you to use your CD-ROM at the DOS Prompt. Remember that Windows 95 stores its DOS files at C:WINDOWSCOMMAND not C:DOS as in older versions!

Some CD-ROM Drivers you can try:

Oak Technologies Universal IDE CD-ROM Driver ~ 162Kb Download
This will get you into almost all of the IDE CD-ROM Drives on the market. ~ Oak Technologies manufacture the Semi-Conductors fitted into almost all CD-ROM Drives.(With Setup Program)

Goldstar (LG) CD-ROM Driver.~ 148Kb Download
Also a very good CD-ROM Driver, that starts almost any IDE CD-ROM Drive. (With Install Program)

Adaptec Drivers part of the Adaptec Support Site. Or available here:
Adaptec SCSI Driver Kit for DOS and Windows

CD-ROM God v5.5
CD-ROM God Ver 5.5 is a boot disk that has 50+ CD-ROM drivers.(Including SCSI) It has basic ATAPI drivers, and model specific drivers. This version unzips drivers to a ramdrive! It has a better - sleeker - shareware free menu. This disk uses DEVICE.COM to load. This way you won't have to re-boot a million times! ISO-9660 CD Support and SMARTDRV.EXE

Bootdisk Page~A selection of DOS Bootdisks with Add-On IDE & SCSI CD-ROM Drivers.
Note ~ The MS-DOS 6.22 Emergency Boot Disk (EBD) has been replaced on this site with the Bootdisk Project Files, to give a wider selection of MS-DOS versions and to include both IDE & SCSI drivers while reducing download size and web storage space..

Try this link to locate your CD-ROM Manufacturer to see if a MS-DOS or Windows 3.1 Driver is available.

http://www.bootdisk.com/ or http://support.mpccorp.com/downloads/boot.html
Have a nice selection of CD-ROM Bootdisks that will start most systems. The Autoexec.bat & Config.sys files and drivers can be copied and used to start your system, Or in the case of Windows 95/98, To start your CD-ROM to install Windows.

The following Pages may provide additional help:

The CD-ROM Drivers Guide~ A Guide to CD-ROM driver resources on the Internet!

PCMCIA Card Services Resource Download Page ~ PCMCIA Support for DOS & Windows 3.1

Download Cypress Cd-rom Driver Downloads

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Download Cypress CD-ROM driver

Cd Rom Drivers Download

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Download Cypress CD-ROM Driver

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