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It is a well-known verity that corporate field sets up its own requirements towards PC hardware and server systems. Seagate totally realizes this fact, designing dedicated products to ensure all foremost facilities for business boost. With this purpose, the company has launched a new line of NAS servers, codenamed Seagate Business Storage.
ShineThe line is represented by models that are equipped with one, two or four drive bays, the overall volume capacity of which might vary from 2TB to 16TB. One-bay NAS model features 172x60x147 mm dimensions, two-bay model features 310x155x275 mm dimensions, and four-bay storage has got 240x247x377 mm dimensions. DriverDon

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All models included in the series are predestined to operate either on Windows or Mac OS X platforms. Thanks to the outstanding Seagate Business Storage facilities, corporate clients get an opportunity to fulfill data backup activity without any problems. In addition, these products might become a reliable basis for the …