[Resolved] DNS problem on one laptop, other computers on network working
I returned home for the holidays with my laptop running Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit. When I connect to the wireless network, my laptop reports that it is connected with internet access, but there is no browsing capability at all. P2P works, Steam works, but Chrome/Firefox/Steam browser give me the 'This webpage is not available' page, telling me that the DNS lookup failed. All the other computers at home are working happily.
My settings were to obtain an IP address and DNS server address automatically. nslookup said DNS request timed out. It didn't work with the wireless or the wired internet with an ethernet cable.
I set up another network by using my iPhone as a hotspot to make sure it wasn't an issue with all connections, and my computer could browse just fine using the iPhone hotspot. But it didn't work with my home connection.
The first thing I tried was to use openDNS's DNS addresses ( and with my home connection. It still failed, and nslookup gave the same 'DNS request timed out.'
I reset the modem/router (it's combined, unfortunately) to factory settings and tried directly connecting with an ethernet cable again. It worked for half a second and I opened 2 webpages before it stopped and gave the DNS errors again. I tried the wireless internet and it still didn't work.
I can connect to the modem/router. I made a guest network just to try it, and I got DNS errors again. When I reconnected to my primary network, it worked for half a second again, then stopped.
My next attempt to fix it was going to the cmd prompt and typing ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew. I restarted my computer and tried again, but I still received the same errors, with P2P working like before.
I turned off my firewall and tried, but it still didn't work.
Then I tried ipconfig /registerdns, restarted my computer and tried again. Still didn't work.
At this point, IPv6 has been disabled, but it's still not working.
I restarted the modem/router multiple times, but it does nothing to alleviate the problem.
I have Microsoft Security Essentials, did a scan, nothing detected.
Also tried System Restore to two days ago, got an error about how it failed.
Using openDNS address.
Turned off IPv6
ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /registerdns
no virus/trojan
system restore failed
None of the above worked. Other computers at home using the ISP's provided DNS server work. My computer works with other connections, but not my home network.
Is there anything else I can try?
Thanks in advance.
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