Dimsport Srl provides tools and services to optimize the performance of the engine through the recalibration of the original ECU. Dimsport Srl does not provide any modified files ready to use and is not responsible for the tuned files created by its customers. Download the CMDFlash FTDI driver and Installation. MyGenius application list (Size: 1810.4 KB). Click the button below to add the My Genius Handheld Device to your wish list.

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6) Plug the new genius device to the computer, then install the driver, you have to go to Device Manager to check whether you can see “DimSport – New Genius Device”, if the new genius not build a good communication with your computer, you may get other errors when you go on read and write ECU data.

The Dimsport Genius Ecu Remapping Tool is no doubt one of the very best the best in ECU Remapping in the world. It is very safe and very easy to use.

Dimsport Genius Ecu Remapping Equipment Dimsport Ecu Tuning Equipment

The Process is so simple:

• Plug in to the vehicles diagnostic socket

• Choose the Vehicle and read the flash file

• Click send receive and receive an expertly written modified file back

• Hook up to the computer via the USB cable and click send file

• Write modified file to vehicle

• Job done & profit earned!

• Free Google Optimised Website included with the Dimsport Genius Slave Kit

NOW ONLY: £1295


Dynotune are to present one of the best tuning tools available

The first Touch&Map tool for serial reading and programming operations of Engine Control Units has been improved in its technical features & performances: a new, more advanced colour touch-screen panel has been integrated and a more powerful microprocessor allows faster operations.

New GENIUS allows intuitive use thanks to its touch-screen panel and a really user-friendly operative system: reading and programming operations are performed without any connections to a PC to offer the greatest independence and avoid slowness or blocking tied to an eventual presence of viruses or, in general, effect of the multitasking nature of the computer.

New GENIUS represents the perfect tool for Top Professionals as well as New Tuners: a direct interface with the vehicle engine via E-OBDII or diagnostic socket.

The tool is a true asset for every tuner thanks to the impossibility to perform wrong operations: detailed instructions appear on the screen and drive the tuner until the car is programmed. Thanks to its new and advanced technology, it has never been so simple to achieve the modified result which every tuner and every customer wish to obtain.

NEW GENIUS therefore is:

●easy to use thanks to its touch screen panel and to a user-friendly interface

●safe, being a stand alone device working without connection to a personal computer or laptop during the reading and programming operations.

●extremely stable during the delicate procedures of reading and programming.

No experience necessary.but a knowledge of vehicle diagnostics is an advantage

We offer Full Training and customer support second to none We are tuning experts and we have our own in house tuner to write your remap files. We specialise in custom tuning so we can cater for your customers individual needs. We are highly skilled and have perfected our maps on our £80,000 4wd Rolling Road Dyno.



If you use an interface with a PC for reading and writing flash files, there is a danger of !killing! the engine control module costing you a lot of money. If the computer crashes for example whilst programming then the engine control module could be rendered useless and the car will not start leaving you in a bad situation.

With the Genius there is no danger of this.

This is the Best and easiest to use Remapping tool on the market. Buy another one a you will could regret it.

Dynotune are tuning specialists. We have been tuning vehicles for over twenty years. We have a 4WD rolling road which we use for research and development. We have tried and tested various pieces of equipment and we have concluded that the tuning tools that we sell are the best available for this industry. But from us with confidence and receive the best customer care available anywhere and thats a promise.

Our products are 100% guaranteed & 100% original. We do not sell any clone tools.

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