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About Us

DATAMAN is a leading software company that specializes in providing flexible business-oriented solutions to our customers across the globe.

DataMan 5.7.0 SR2 software adds new capabilities for all current DataMan fixed-mount barcode readers (DM50, DM60, DM70, DM150, DM260, DM300, DM360 and DM503 series),. New feautres in 5.7.0 SR2 include: DataMan 70 series introduction. Universal 48-pin chip programmer with USB 2.0 and parallel connectivity. Dataman 48UXP features intelligent hardware, including microprocessor and FPGA, allowing it to program devices you use today and the devices of tomorrow. Optimized for both laboratory and production the Dataman 48UXP is intelligent, fast and easy to use. Increased Device Support - January 2021 03:35 99 Support for over 280 new devices has been added to our programmers in January 2021. DataMan Setup Tool 6.1.1 Software Release - supports all fixed mount. Includes ease of use improvements for the DataMan 474 as well as other DataMan fixed-mount products: - Easy to use - guided enhancements to increase accuracy and speed of setup - Intuitive 'step-by-step' process flow - 'Application Assistants' - to simplify technical parameters.


We offer custom-made software development services. Our specialists’ proficiency in cutting-edge technologies, tools and services ensures that we create software products that are fully tailored to meet your unique business needs.


We endeavor to provide innovative services that will contribute substantially to our customer’s success. We provide all of our clients results through a short-release development cycle.


  • Trailing Stop Loss
  • Volatility
  • Arbitrage
  • Option(Butterfly, Box Spread)
  • Prediction Based


We help clients to transform their business processes and information systems with industry solutions built on the Microsoft Platform.


Stay ahead of the curve by connecting directly to relevant business data, and put the right information at your fingertips in a jiffy.


Accelerating digital transformation and readiness by applying nimble technologies to differentiate, gain flexibility and capitalize on new and changing markets.



We create Apps that create great customer experiences and optimizes processes within the company. Market your Business through Mobile.
(iOS, Android, Windows, Xamarian)


  • Specific Solution for Healthcare, Education, Hospitality etc. Industry
  • Customized Web Portals / Web Applications
  • Opensource Development
  • E-Gov Solutions
  • Data Entry Projects
  • Turnkey Projects

Dataman Programmers Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Download Softonic


Industry expertise combined with custom solutions for enabling enterprises to engage, compete, and achieve higher performance.


Dataman Programmers Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Download Windows 7

Whether it’s database design from scratch, updating an existing database, redeveloping existing systems or converting spreadsheets into an integrated database, We provide you with a database tailored to your needs.


Satisfied Clients

“ Dataman Welcomes you at Stall No. 3 at FHRAI 53rd Annual Convention 2018 ” ,
Venue – Sapphire Hall , Hotel Ramada, Lucknow , Date – 20 -22 September 2018



It is based on a single API structure, which offers the advantage of all hardware modules responding to the same calls. Gemalto is committed to the continued production, technical support and device driver updates of Hardlock. Leave a comment on Parth’s reply. Provide the permalink of a topic that is related to this topic. New to this Portal? The special coding of Hardlock not only complements this versatility, but guarantees the unique coding of the ASIC and memory chips per vendor.

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This section contains technical documentation, product updates and knowledgebase resources for owners of Hardlock products. To address your points I am attaching screen shots from the Device Manager.

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Dataman Programmers Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Download

Hardlock USB driver free download for windows – Dell – Inspiron s

This platform allows us to support new cutting-edge capabilities that are not possible with Hardlock as a platform. White Paper – 4 Steps to an Effective Embedded Software Monetization Strategy A comprehensive guide for embedded software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers. This website is provided for discussion purposes only. White paper exploring how device vendors must transform into software companies or become obsolete.

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Open Admin Control Center page and place the pointer where the key is shown. Gemalto is committed to the continued production, technical support and device driver updates of Hardlock.

USB Key with the previous mention version.

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The USB key firmware is version 3. Form Type hidden This is the type of form, example: Leave a comment on Ken Gooden’s reply. The following field values should be altered by the system administrator only.

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Dataman programmers mobile phones & portable devices driver download windows 7

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